Proper Nutrition and Hydration

 fruit_and_vegetablesheat exhaustion

As our athletes enter various training camps to prepare for the upcoming season,  I would like to reiterate the importance of proper nutrition and hydration before the boys arrive on campus for practice. 

All athletes should make sure they have eaten something at least 2hours before they engage themselves in high intensity workout or practice.  The body will utilize the food source in the system first prior to using glycogen stores or the backup energy sources which you may need later on in the day. Please do not come to practice on an empty stomach or with junk food in your system.

All student athletes should be sure to drink an adequate amount of water through out the day and at least a sports drink prior to practice. Many times we think that sports drinks are the best thing put on this earth, however when we just consume them with out proper hydration (water) and drink them just for the pure pleasure these can actually dehydrate us and have a reverse effect on our body weight, etc… These drinks contain electrolytes which is energy that body needs for intense physical activity. Be sure to use these correctly. 

Please take some time to checkout these articles with the provided links for more information on proper nutrition and hydration..


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