Salesian 13, Claremont 21

The Mustangs football team lost their first game of the season last Friday to Claremont high school. The Mustangs started off slow and went in the 4th quarter Trailing 14-0. It wasn’t till late in the 4th quarter the Mustangs showed signs of life. Senior quarterback Damion put together an impressive 65 yard through through the air which ended with an 18yrd touchdown pass to Kyahva Tezino and successful P.A.T by Enrique chavez which brought the score to 7-14 at the 5:41 mark. The defense was able to hold Claremont on their next series which gave the Mustangs the ball back with about 2minutes left. Senior quarterback Damon wright went back to work through the air, hooking up with senior receiver Jeremy kelly for a 15yd touchdown pass with about a minute left in the game. The Mustangs were now trailing by one with the hopes of tying the game at 14 but the Claremont defense blocked the Enrique chavez extra point. The Mustangs onside kick was unsuccessful and Claremont scored with 49 seconds left which made the score 13-21. The mustangs had one more opportunity but couldn’t put anything together.


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