Hello Mustangs,

I would personally like to welcome all of you to the 2019-2020 school year.  Our student-athletes have been working hard over the summer preparing to give you an exciting experience this school year. 

As a Salesian alumnus and former student-athlete, I know first hand what it takes to be committed to academics, athletics, in addition to commitments and responsibilities in everyday life. Dedication, Determination, and Discipline, makes a true Salesian Mustang.

Dedication: A Salesian Mustang is dedicated to God, family, education, and team. A Mustang is an individual who has his priorities in order.  

Determination: No matter what challenges a Mustang may face, he will have the determination and drive to overcome them. The Mustang will reach his goals in the classroom, in competition, and in life.

Discipline: A Salesian Mustang is one who is disciplined mentally and physically. A disciplined Mustang will be motivated, hardworking, technical and tactful in competition, practice good sportsmanship, and be a model citizen.  A disciplined Mustang will be successful for life.

As we embark this school year, I urge all of our student-athletes to reflect and apply the three D’s in the classroom and on one of our 8 interscholastic sports teams. With over 30 coaches, an athletic training program with a certified athletic trainer, and newly renovated athletic facilities, our student athletes have access to the mentors and tools to help them succeed.

In closing, I wish all of our student-athletes great success this year and hope to see all the Mustang Supporters at our games! 

Best Regards, 

Tommy V. Loera Jr. ‘04, CAA
Athletic Director

2018-19 school pic


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